Samples with Canon FD 70-210/f4 and 2x-B extender on Panasonic G2

Last weekend we made a short trip to Dresden/Saxonia and visited my brother in law and his wife. The weather has been nice and during the visit of the famous Zwinger I decided to give the Canon Extender FD 2x-B a first try on my Lumix G2 together with the Canon FD 70-210/f4 and the Novoflex adapter. Just remember: the result would be an equivalent focal distance of 840mm! 

Here are some sample shots - you can see larger versions of them in my Picasa album. Of course, the images a far away from beeing perfect: I used a Gorillapod instead of a real tripod and it was hard to eliminate vibration by wind or touch. And one thing I will add next time: an overview image with a 14mm - just in order to have a comparison for the distance.

All pictures are made with an aperture between 11 and 16.

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