New prime for my bag: Sigma 30mm F2.8 EX DN

My activity is currently shutdown due to a lumbar disc prolapsing ... so what do I have to do? OK, four to five times per day I am doing gymnastics for at least 30 minutes. In conjunction with medicine and physiotherapy sessions, this helps a lot and the good news is: I am making progress every week! Yeah!! So, as London is currently hosting the Olympic Games the gymnastics is some kind of my personal medal race now ;-)

When you like photography you sometimes think about new equipment. And if you have time to read papers and the net, you may even think about it more. So I was thinking about one lens that has been released in February: the Sigma 30mm F2.8 EX DN.

I still remember the days when Sigma announced that they will produce some lenses for the MicroFourThirds system. A lot of people got excited about it ... and seemed to be disappointed when they had released just a 19mm/2.8 and this 30mm/2.8. Probably these people expected more open lenses with an aperture of 2.0 or better? 

Anyway: both lenses have been designed for Sonys NEX system and for MicroFourThirds. Due to the crop factor this remains in different focal length: on Sony it will be like 45mm, m43 will have 60mm (in terms of full frame focal length). It has no builtin optical image stabilization, so from my m43 point of view, Olympus users will have an advantage as on PEN and OM-D they have a sensor based image stabilization. Bad luck for me and my Lumix ;-)

When you search in the net for test reports you won't get as many as usual - maybe due to its unusual focal length. I assume one of the most referred reports is Petter Potkas one from April. He says that 
"I think Sigma has produced here a lens, which is optically significantly better than I expected. It gives much compared to its price and is definitely worth considering if this focal lenght is otherwise interesting." 
This sounds interesting at all and when you consider that you have to pay only about 165 Euros for it: well, just try it! And for me this would perfectly fit in between my other prime lenses (20mm Panasonic and 45mm Olympus).

I got the package yesterday and didn't wait long to open it ;-) You get a lense in a cubed safety box with caps. No lens hood, but I think this wouldn't be a surprise when you take its low price into account. If you want to use a lens hood you have to mount it on the filter ring as there is no bajonett mount for it in the front. Mounting this Sigma works as usual but as the manual and other sources already reported there is sometimes a chattering noise when turning the camera off. But this has no influence on its functionality. Well, I hope ;-). 

Just for you to have an impression about the size of the lens: here you can see it mounted on my blue G2. For a comparison I have mounted the Panasonic 1:1.7 20mm Pancake on the red GF2:

Of course I am curious about the performance of this lens. I like to use it on the streets and will explore this quite unusual 60mm perspective. Unfortunately I need to be patient - gymnastics and recovery is still the first priority. For anybody who is interested: here are two shots taken with open aperture f/2.8 and focus set manually to two different glasses. This Sigma lens has a really wide focus ring, so using the manual focus makes really fun! 

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