Don't worry about gear - just capture the action!

Sometimes I am meeting people who are saying that you can't capture action with Microfourthirds bodies. Well, my experience says, this is not true - and here is one of my examples. I shot this one early in January during the match between TB Erlangen and FC Tegernheim in the bavarian basketball league. 

Panasonic G2 with Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm, f/1.8, 1/200s and ISO 800
You might know that my G2 is now more than two years old. Regarding the camera market this is a lot of time as the evolution of gear is going on very fast. Nevertheless, in my point of view this is a nice shot and my message is: Don't care about your gear, just capture the moment! Don't think about noise or sensor size - just focus yourself to the action in front of you!

To take up the thread of this match: fortunately my favourite team (TB Erlangen, what else?) has been the winner (YES!!) and if you want to look at some more pictures of this match just follow the link to my Picasa gallery.

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