Little Dragon on the Road

As my G2 is still in service I just came back to my older  Finepix S100fs. Some call it Superzoom, other say Bridgecam and for me it was just the reopened door to photography. This gear is now about 5 years old, has been a key player in its market 5 years ago and a real contender. Of course, due to its architecture it lacks of some features, just think on its depth of field or it visual noise. 
Well, I didn't use it often after the day the G2 came into my house - but hey, it really makes fun to use it again! And yesterday I made some shots of "Dussel", one of our two little dwarf bearded dragons, which was just running a few minutes across the living room. Not easy to keep the focus on him - he can be really fast! ;-)

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