Paris in Spring: Sunshine, Traffic and Football

I had a business trip to Paris last week and as my G2 is still in service I put my older Finepix S100fs into the bag. As already told here in my last article, I didn't use it quite often since the G2 started to stay with me. Well, this has been definitely a big mistake! In situations like on this short trip, when I have not much time for catching moments, people or objects, gear like this is a good friend for you. I had just one and a half hour after business in the evening - and additionally on the way to the office. The large range of focal length of the S100fs (about 28 to 400mm in old analog days) gives you a big flexibility in taking pictures! Of course, you have to pay for this: just think of playing with unsharpness. And certainly, this 5 year old gear can't compete with nowadays cameras regarding the visual noise.

But nevertheless I have completely forgotten how much fun you could have with this camera when you are at unknown places and with limited time. Here are some sample images.

24.8mm, 1/40s, f3.8, ISO 100
A "must shoot" for me: Malte is the name of my son and he was really surprised seeing a hotel that used his name.

L'Opera. A famous building and a big Metro station. Here stitched together from 5 pictures.

88.8mm, 1/680s, f/5.1, ISO 100
Angels on top of  L'Opera.

27.9mm, 1/105s, f/3.9, ISO 100
Near L'Opera.

56.2mm, 1/340s, f/4.6, ISO 100
A view along the street to Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre.

101.5mm, 1/38s, f/5.3, ISO 100
Green lights are always welcome, aren't they?

7.1mm, 1/7s, f/2.8, ISO 100
In the morning: passengers and trains passing the station 'Auber'.

101.5mm, 1/900s, f/5.3, ISO 100
A lot of taxis have been queued at Boulevard Haussmann.

27.9mm, 1/50s, f/5, ISO 100
Well, you must be very brave to jump with your bicycle in the traffic of Paris ....

37.2mm, 1/550s, f/4.2, ISO 400
People enjoyed the nice weather in the evening - good business for all the small pubs ('Brasserie') with the chairs along the footpath.

21mm, 1/110s, f/3.7, ISO 400
In the evening: pubs have offered the football match between Munich and Barcelona.

42mm, 1/13s, f/4.3, ISO 400
Munich won 4:0! Great match but I was most surprised by the mass of supporters the bavarian team had there. 

So what would I have done if I had only the G2 in my bag? Well, probably I would have put the 20mm and the 45mm to it in order to shoot some other kind of pictures. I would have gotten.closer to the scenes (oooh, certainly not to the angels on top of L'Opera!). And probably I would have had fun, too ;-)

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