A Day at the Football Field (Vol. 2)

Two weeks ago I went to an American Football game for the first time. 'First time' in the meaning of watching and of course for shooting photos. Nevertheless, as beeing an absolute beginner I have enjoyed it very much and it was clear, that I would come back to this field! Yesterday, I had the next chance as the Erlangen Sharks had a home game against the 'Landsberg X-Press'.

When I had looked to my first set of pictures, I noticed that I captured to much during the times, when no action happened, eg. when the teams had their lineups and started to play. Of course, this happened because capturing that kind of sport was new to me, the field is very large (it is really BIG compared to basketball!) and there are so many players around in a small spot - but they swarm out as soon as the ball is hot! 
It was really a challenge to catch something nice - and I was far away from what I really like to have on a sports photo! In particular, a baseline for a good basketball photo should contain the player running an successful move, the ball visible in the picture and the face of the player in order to catch some emotions! 

I tried to match this baseline during my second visit at the football field - and my target was to catch more pictures with players handling the ball. A good starting point has been to track the Quarterback at the beginning of a new move ;-) And additionally, it was a joy and a great support for me, that Richard, a friend of mine and very familiar with football, has accompanied me!

A few words about the game: the Sharks did a good job (from my beginners point of view) and trailed the visitors just 6 points after the first half (as I remember). And even although they lost several players due to injuries it looked as they would be able to do the turnaround - but exactly in this moment Landsberg made unfortunately a touchdown :-( At the end, the visitors won with 36:46. 

Here are some pictures from yesterday. All this examples have been captured with my Lumix G2 and a Canon FD 200mm f/2.8. In other words: everything done without auto focus, all manual! (Nice notice aside: there was a guy - probably from the visitors team - with a Canon 1DX and one of the really fat tele lenses in a white tube. Would be nice to see what he captured with his gear ....).

If your are interested: I put some more pictures in the gallery American Football Saison 2013: Erlangen Sharks vs. Landsberg X-Press.

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