"Give me Five!" - New Shots from the Football Field (Vol. 3)

Oh no, this post is not about the awesome german basketball magazine FIVE which is currently about to publish its 100 monthly issue (my heartiest congratulations to the magazine team! You are really doing a great job!!). Instead I wanted to show just five new pictures I have made last Saturday during the last game of the Erlangen Sharks vs. Schweinfurt Ball Bearings.

I visited an American football match for the third time so it is still new for me (if you are interested: here are the links to Vol.1 and Vol.2). Nevertheless I was looking for a new challenge: I was still mostly using my G2 with the Canon FDn 200mm 1:2.8 but this time I tried to capture without the monopod - just in order to be more flexible for the point of view. This may sound crazy because this lens has nearly twice the weight of the Lumix body - and there is no image stabilization as in modern systems. Robin Wong (all my wishes to him and his injured mom!) recently called a lens with this dimensions a beercan when he was reporting about using an Minolta zoom lens on his Sony camera. Anyway, this lens makes fun to use! And it makes even more fun when your favourite team on field gets the win! ;-) But let's stop talking about the gear - start looking at the pictures.

A typical situation: the ballhandler is getting a shield by his teammates.
Just take a look at the arms: the players are often holding them as if they would carry the ball. It's a trap! At least for the photographers who try to catch the player with the real ball  through their viewfinder ... I personally like here that the players eyes are visible and you see that both of them are observing what the teammates are doing.
"Come on and get me!" ;-)
A point of view I really like but unfortunately the focus point is not set correctly to the active  players on the field.
"Ready to start!" - You will see this setup often during a match. Espacially for manual focus gear a good chance to shoot as everything stopped motion. You probably have enough time to set the focus where you like.One point here to add: the 20 yards line acts like a borderline.
I know its already picture number six - but as this is my personal "favourite of the day" it doesn't count  ;-)
 Sharks player #44 is catching the ball! I am not sure right now, but I think it was a steal. Anyway, a great performance!! And  here I have been just right with the focus ...

You want to see more pictures from this match? Then you may visit my album American Football Saison 2013: Erlangen Sharks vs. Schweinfurt Ball Bearings. And if you want to see the Sharks live again: their next game is on Saturday, 13th, July. If you are living anywhere around Erlangen I only can suggest you to take the chance and watch the game!

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