Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg: Bokeh, Bokeh, Bokeh!

I recently stayed some days in Hamburg (Germany) with my family. The city itself has so much attractions to catch with the cam and even street photographers would have a lot of fun there. One of the places I like most is Miniatur Wunderland. Well, talking about it would probably take a lot of time so I won't do it here. All I say is: go and visit! If you will ever have a stop in this city: take a break and enter this house! You won't get disappointed! There is so much to see, so much superb detail ... and of course, so much to laugh about!

One more point to add: you are invited to take pictures and to publish them! You don't believe it? Well, it is the truth! It might be difficult to take a tripod with you, but a monopod is OK. And then you can dive ... dive into this wonderful world of light, depth of field and ... bokeh! When you enter this world you won't even register how the time passes by! Espacially when you are exploring this world through your viewfinder ;-) For example: we stayed there on a Saturday evening for about three hours and I have only managed to explore about a third of the exhibition!

Here are just a few examples. All taken with my Lumix G6 and a Canon FD 85mm f/1.8.

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