Opening my infrared season 2014

We had some really nice days last week: typical for spings with temperatures above 25 degrees (C) and of course a lot of sun! Best conditions for a photo walk during lunch break! Well, sometimes you might meet people telling you that taking pictures during the lunchtime wouldn't make fun because the sun is directly above you, gives you hard shadows and the colour of the light is this and that and so on ... (Oh, forget this rubbish and don't listen to these voices! If like to shoot during lunchtime: just do it! Look around, get what you like and take your pictures! And decide for yourself if the light is good or not!). Anyway, as I didn't have much time to go for lunchbreak photowalk during the last months I really enjoyed it!  The weather conditions have been excellent for doing some steps in taking infrared pictures. So I put a small tripod in my bag, screw an old Canon FD 24mm f/2.8 on my Lumix G6 with a Hoya R 72 infrared filter attached to it and went to the park. You can't imagine how I missed this! Here are some shots. Hopefully, this kind of weather is coming back soon!  

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