IR photography as breakfast in the morning

Early in June I had luck with the parking lot lottery: I immediately found a place for the car near the office! Seeing that the weather conditions have been very good that morning (sunny, clear, nearly no wind) I decided to walk to the nearby lake Wöhrder See in order to catch some infrared pictures.
As I had used the Canon FD 24mm lens with the first IR shots this year I decieded to do something different this time and switched over to the Panasonic 20mm and Sigma 30mm lens. In the last years I had mostly used the old FD lens just because my G2 had problems to set the AF area when an IR filter had been attached to the lens. This is no more an issue with the G6 as the performance is much better - at least, when you have so much light as during this morning.

Lumix G6, Panasonic 20mm/1.7 lens, Hoya R72 filter, ISO 160, f/5.6 and 20sec

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