What a surprise: a gift from Italy!

Last week on Wednesday, there was a big surprise in my mailbox - well not really in my mailbox as it was delivered at the door by the postman. It was a package from Italy - and as I read who had sent it I got an idea what might be inside. It was sent by Heather Broster and Mathieu Gasquet, a very sympathetic couple, photographers of course, and founders of MirrorLessons, a wonderful website project they have started more than two years ago. MirrorLessons is about the world of mirrorless camera systems and they have put a lot of hard work into testing mirrorless gear - independent of the manufacturers! And when you take a look at their work, you will soon discover, that in contrast to many magazines which often like technical metrics, Heather and Mathieu are focussed on users perspective and they are digging deep into details. Of course, all this work comes together with great photos!

As a kind of a subproject, they also started Google+ MirrorLessons Mirrorless Photography community around this camera class and every month, there is a challenge running with a different topic. To make a long story short: in December I had luck with one of my photos within the #bokehball challenge! Together with the community members Fábio Morbec and Gary Wiryawan I got the most number of Googles "+1" button actions and we have been declared as the winner! 

If this had not been cool enough at all, Heather and Mathieu announced, that the winners will get a price. Well, I had expected to receive something small as a nice gesture for the winners but then I got this package, opened it and saw this phantastic red strap!  

And it is not just a strap, it is one of these handmade ones from sailing ropes by Sailor Strap. You might imagine how pliant and smooth it is and how comfortable it feels! And the most exciting point: its colour fits so perfectly to my GF2! This is phantastic!

Well, I am still overwhelmed by this present! Thank you very much, Heather and Mathieu, I hope I can throw back a surprise someday! ;-) 

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