Basketball & Motion Blur: Starting an Experiment!

Do you know this situation: you are chatting with some friends while you have your camera in your hands and your fingers just play with the control buttons but you don't recognize this? Well, during the break of our teams last basketball game I changed the aperture without intention. So I have got really surprised after the break when I realized that the exposure time was much longer than before. It was totally different to my usual "shoot with an as short as possible exposure during the game" approach.

Nevertheless I checked the shots on the screen and the first ones have been interesting which was a good reason to stay with this setup for the next couple of minutes - just in order to get some action photos with motion blur!

Here are two examples of this experiment, both of them with TB Erlangens player Kevin Hilliard handling the ball. On the first one you can already see that legs, feet, hands and arms are already blurred by motion - in contrast to Kevins head or jersey number.

Lumix G6 with Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm/1.8, 1/100s, f/3.2 and ISO1600
I have chosen to convert the next example to a monochrome version as this reduces the distraction by the colours. This photo get much closer to what I want to achieve: most of the stuff blurred by motion except a small piece which is nearly sharp - here it is the basketball. As you might recognize there are two kinds of motion in this image: first we have Kevin and the other players in action. And additionally, as the second part, I have moved the camera during the shot as I followed the ball in this moment.
Lumix G6 with Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm/1.8, 1/80s, f/3.2 and ISO1600

Of course, I will try more in future. There are so many parameters to explore and to try out ;-) Just stay tuned!

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