Erlangen Sharks beating Bamberg Phantoms - Experiencing the Pana 100-300mm again!

I did not use my Lumix telezoom often during the last months and this was just for one reason: as I was mainly shooting basketball (indoor) it is just not fast enough! Additionally I don't need such a long focal length at the basketball court as I am usually close to the action and the court is much smaller than a football field. Therefore  my favourite lens for shooting basketball action is the Olympus 45mm/1.8 (which is fast and sharp - nothing else matters!)

But as I am shooting across a much larger distance at the football field, I need a longer focal length and my choice for this task is the Panasonic 100-300mm zoom lens. I like this lens very much as it is very lightweight for its performance (in terms of fullframe it has a focal length of 200-600mm with a fast aperture of 5.6 at the long end)! But you can believe me that every year when I am starting shooting outdoor with this lens it takes some time (and shots) for me to switch to the different geometry (different angle of view, ...) and to get used to it. But this lens makes fun! So don't worry that all pictures in this post (except the last one) have been captured with this long tele zoom.

But let's come back to the game: the Erlangen Sharks had their first home game this year and they expected the Bamberg Phantoms on the field. The Sharks already had a good start into this season as they had beaten the Franken Timberwolves three weeks earlier. Of course, nobody wondered that the atmosphere was pretty damned good before the game - and you could see how excited the team has been before.

The Sharks had a phantastic begin with an early touchdown! And with a very successful offense they managed to run for two more touchdowns during the first half: leading with 22:0! What a game!

While doing a long run Sharks #39 is thrilling his teammates and the fans on the sideline!

As his teammate is running fast across the field for next touchdown, Sharks #11 is already happy about this success and celebrates the additional points! Touchdown! 22:0! (What a pity that I cut his shoes nearly out of the frame here! Well, I must have been thrilled, too!)

Although the team made an excellent job with its offense a few mistakes appeared in their defensive plays and the guests managed to start a comeback with two touchdowns. Well, the Sharks were still with 22:14 in the lead and they answered with an additional touchdown before halftime. They entered the break leading with 28:14 but the coach was not pleased about the mistakes.

A few seconds before haltime Sharks #37, Leroy Stevens, got injured and needed help to recover during the break. This really looked painful but the physiotherapist made an excellent work: he started the second half with a next touchdown!
While the coach tried to get the team back on track and to focus even while playing in defense, the audience had the chance to watch the impressive skills of the "Erlangen Marines" cheerleaders crew. Wow, this young team made a show like professional artists!

The Sharks started the second half the same way they stopped the first one: Touchdown! 36:14! Bamberg answered with a successful run and changed the tableau to 36:20! Well, this had been the last points the Phantoms made - but the Sharks got even more hungry: they succeeded once more in the last quarter and finished with 42:20 !!

You only have parts of a second to decide what to do with the ball - Sharks #11 did a very good job with this task!

The score at the end of the game: a sovereign win!! ;-)

After the game: a lot of smiling Sharks ;-)

Overall, the Sharks made a great game - and they are still unbeaten! Could a season be started in a better way? Definitely "NO!" ;-)  The next home game will be end of June - starting a series of three consecutive games at home. Still more than 5 Weeks to wait - damned, this is a long time!  ;-)

PS: if you are interested in more pictures you just might jump to my gallery 16.05.2015 Erlangen Sharks vs. Bamberg Phantoms 

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