Using the Fisheye at Sport Events

I have have recently read an article by Eric Cote who is doing a great job with reporting about his Mirrorless Journey. In his blogpost "A Lens Full of Surprise: The Fisheye 7.5mm" he told about his impressions of the Samyang 7.5m / f3.5 fisheye lens for Microfourthirds cameras. 
This lens is also branded as Rokinon or Walimex - depending on where you are living or buying it. I have already bought it in 2012 and indeed I had a lot of fun with it because it is small sized, lightweight and has a very good optical performance. Of course you have to set your focus manually but this is usually not a big issue as this focal length has an enormous depth of field. And with a price of 300€ (or less!) it is a real bargain!
I even tried using this lens at indoor basketball games - but as the lens is anything else than fast (with a maximum aperture of 3.5 ...) it was hardly possible to catch indoor action with my G2 without getting to much visual noise. But about a year ago the arrival of the Lumix G6 in my bag changed the game dramatically!

Classical Point of View: Above the Heads

So what will you do with this lens when shooting at sport events? Well, it is a super wide angle - a good choice to gather a team, a crowd, a large field .... into a picture. I have choosen the "top view" in the following examples. Using your camera on top of a monopod may give you some extra distance but you can even take such shots just with your hands up. While doing this you have to take care to keep yourself out of the frame - an exiting challenge! ;-)

Making Small Things Looking Bigger

Indeed, gathering the crowd like above is well known and a typical use case. But if you want to have something different, just walk around the court or field and search for something little. And do this just for one reason: the fisheye can help you making small things looking much bigger! Just look at the following photo and this little octopus. I am sure it will enjoy the game as it has a premium seat while Lukas and Martin are working with the laptop to prepare the online scouting of the basketball game ;-)

Search for Leading Lines

Now we are coming  to one of the most exciting challenges: capturing action while you have some leading lines! Typically you will find such lines indoor with the lights on the top! But you have to be careful: as this lens is not very fast you may get in conflict with the needed short exposure time. You might have to play with your ISO setup. But on the other side you will gain some performance with your continious drive as there is no need to start the re-focussing algorithm between the captures ;-)

Following are three examples of this category. The first example has some lights leading from right to left on top. My aim was to catch action with all players on the court and also including the spectators on the left and the bench on the right. (Additionally aspect: this offensive action led to the first points of my favourite team TB Erlangen during this game and was the opening of a superior win ;-) )

Here are the lights leading from front to back but they are crossed by a horizontal lines of the players during the warm up:

And finally viewing the complete court during the tip off: 

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