Capturing Autumn with an old Canon FD 24mm Legacy Lens

With the beginning of this years November I decided to start "a month of legacy lens".  To be honest, it was not a "pure legacy lens month" as I used my system lenses while shooting at the basketball court on the weekend. But besides capturing sports action I had only used an old Canon FD 24mm f/2.8 lens that can be easily adopted to a mirrorless cameras like my Lumixes. Some people might be surprised about this usage and ask why I would put such an old lens on a "made in 2015" camera. Well, there a two main reasons: 
  • It makes fun!
  • And it make even more fun the more you are shooting!
In the past we often had very bad weather in November but this year it was an incredible warm and sunny month! Therefore I start with some coloured shots here before entering the monochrome section:

Of course there have been some cloudy days. Thats when I decided to make some monochrome photos:

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