3 ... 5 ... 6 ? (#52P2K16 No. 3)

I got my wisdom tooth pulled last week and therefore I had limited time for capturing photos for my '52 photos in 2016' project (Label: 52P2K16). But as so often I was shooting at the basketball games last weekend.

I took this one last Saturday at the game of our third team against a Nuremberg squad. I remember that I was a bit disappointed about the fact that the player in the foreground entered my frame more and more. But when I looked at the photo at home I saw that he helped me to add some more depth into the picture for this kind of "viewers perspective".
One more point to remark: Patrick is usually playing near the ring (basket) using the role of a center but here he is throwing a long distance shot - thats why the referee is spreading three fingers in order to signal that this shot will be a "three pointer". And the shot has been successful! ;-)

Lumix G7 with Olymous M.Zuiko 45mm/1.8, ISO 1250, 1/400s and f/1.8

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