Big Mens' Duel (#52P2K16 No. 5)

I have been very busy at the office last week so I didn't get enough time for shooting photos during the breaks. But fortunately there is always basketball activity on the weekend! Like last Sunday, when our team (TB Erlangen) hosted the game against DJK Schweinfurt.
Well, the game started disastrously for our team and they trailed 4:19 after the first quarter! But nevertheless they took up the gauntlet and even managed to get close up to 59:62 during the last quarter. Unfortunately they weren't able to set the final punch and therefore they didn't get the reward for the hard work to catch up.

I had luck with taking this shot as usually one of the referees is standing at my position. But just at this moment it was free and I took the chance to capture Martin while he is trying to score points against the big defender.

Lumix G7 with Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm/1.8 at ISO 1250, f=1.8 and 1/500s

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